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Brief History : Masinagudi was formerly a sub-station of Gudalur. A church was built and blessed on 7th March, 1976. On 5th June, 1977, it was made a separate parish with Singara, Moyar and Mavanahalla as its sub-stations. Its first parish priest was Fr. Thomas Maniangat.


Brief History : Naduvattam is situated 35Kms away from Ooty and 15 Kms away from Gudalur. Before the erection of the diocese, Naduvattam was a sub-station bonus casino gratuit of Gudalur. In 1956, it was erected into a separate parish and Fr. Raynaud de Prigny was the first Parish Priest. After Fr. Raynaud left, there was a break for some time, and in July, 1963 Fr. Joseph Patrick was appointed parish priest. During his time an orphanage was built and a school and convent were started.


Brief History : Devarshola was a part of Devala parish formerly. In 1985, it became a separate parish, with Fr. John Peter Kulirany as its first parish priest. A newly constructed rectory was blessed and opened on 7th November, 2000.


Brief History : Cherambadi was a sub-station of Gudalur parish. The church at Cherambadi was rebuilt by Fr. Paul Valooran. When Pandalur was erected into a parish it was attached thereto. It is situated on the Western boundary of the Diocese of Ootacamund. In 1985, it was made a parish in its own right, and Fr. K. V. Antony was its first parish priest.


Brief History : Pandalur is five miles to the west of Devala which enjoys a beautiful landscape. It was a substation of Gudalur parish. The place is surrounded by tea plantations. There was a gold mine here and people were mostly employed in this gold mine and tea estates. In 1951 it was made a separate parish with Fr. Kunnath as its first parish priest. During the time of Fr. Thomas Maniangat as parish priest a beautiful church was built and the blessing and consecration of the church took place on 15th January 1998 by His Excellency Most Rev. Dr. Antony.


Brief History :Devala is eleven miles west of Gudalur. The people of this place were mostly employed in gold mines. Formerly, Devala was a sub-station of Gudalur and when Pandalur was detached from Gudalur, it became a sub-station of Pandalur. On 16th May, 1969 Devala was erected into a separate parish with Fr. Joseph Puthukulangara C.M.I as its first parish priest

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