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Brief History :Panakahalli was a sub-station of Soosaipuram, started by Fr. P.D’Mello. On 20th June 1968 it was made a separate parish with Fr. James Melvattam as its first parish priest who remained there for 22 years. He built the present church, the presbytery and chapels in the substations. He was instrumental in starting the Poor Clares Monastery and the Convent of the Servants of Mary who are in charge of a small hospital.


Brief History :This was a sub-station of Panakahalli parish, together with Bayanapuram and Hosur. In 1977, Hosur was made a parish but reconsidering the feasibility and access of the faithful to the church, Chimtahalli was made a parish because the latter was more convenient.


Brief History :Tegnare was formerly a part of Soosaipuram until 1968. This was made a separate parish and dedicated to St. Martin de Porres in whose honour a small chapel was built. Later on a new church was constructed and dedicated to Our Lady of Good Health


Brief History :Metalavadi was a substation of Soosaipuram parish. Fr. Mathew Vakkayil was responsible for the construction of the church which was blessed by Bishop Arokiasamy on 20th May, 1971. It became a separate parish on 10th April, 1977.


Brief History : Till 1951 Soosaipuram was a sub-station of Doddagajanur. In 1951 Fr. Nouet started an agricultural colony for the benefit of a backward community which had immigrated from Avanashi taluk. In 1963 it was erected into a separate parish. The new church was built by Fr. Mathew Vakayil and blessed in 1967. The Franciscan Missionaries of Mary opened a convent in Soosaipuram in 1965. They also opened a dispensary and a maternity centre. In 1968 an elementary school was started which later grew up into a middle school and then a Higher Secondary school.


Brief History : Around the year 1925, Fr. Petit planned the foundation of a new centre for evangelization at Doddagajanur among the Kannada speaking farmers. He bought a land and later on this pioneering work was entrusted to the Franciscan Brothers from Borivli, Bombay who laboured tirelessly putting up a beautiful church, a residence for the priest and a school.

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