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Brief History : The existing church at Thavittupalayam was constructed in 1980 having St. Jude as the pain memory of the Silver Jubilee of the Diocese of Ootacamund. It was the sub- station to St. Sebastian’s Church, Nagalur till 1993. In 1993 it became the sub- station to St. Michael’s Church, Michaelpalayam. On 27th May 2007, Bishop A. Amalraj made it as an independent parish appointing Fr. Maria Benziger as the first Parish Priest. It has two sub-stations namely Maathur and Aappakudal. This parish has about 120 families..


Brief History : A church was constructed in Chinnapallam already in 1866 by Fr. Pageault. An orphanage also was established here. In 1870 the government granted an extensive area of waste casino online polska online casino casino polska sverige land for the orphanage and a grant of Rs 4,950/- for the maintenance of 33 orphans. The old church built in 1866 was replaced by a new construction by Fr. P.J.Mathew in 1982 which was blessed and consecrated on 24th, November, 1982.


Brief History : Urachikottai was a sub-station of St. Mary’s Parish, Bhavani. It was erected into a separate parish on 15th January, 1987 with Fr. S. Antonisamy as its parish priest. After the murder of Fr.John Britto in 1994, the parish was attached to Bhavani and in 1998 Fr. P.J.Augustine was appointed parish priest of Urachikottai.


Brief History : On 28th November, 1966 a church was constructed and blessed,in Bhavani when it was a sub-station of Chinnapallam. It became a separate parish in 1968. Fr. Sebastian Palattil was its first play casino online parish priest.


Brief History : Until 1982, Budapadi was part of Chinnapallam parish. In 1984 it became an independent parish under the zealous foresight of Fr. Jean Nouet. At his invitation the Assisi Sisters started a hospital to care for the sick people of that area. He also opened a school for the poor children of this area, which is now raised to a high school. He invited the Sacred Heart Brothers to start a casino online polska Technical Insitute at Budapadi by name Cor Jesu Nouet Technical Institute.


Brief History : In 1888, a new sub-station was opened in Nagalur parish by Fr. Berthon. About 500 acres of land were acquired by the mission five kms away from the village of Nagalur and the place was called Michaelpalayam. The main purpose was to start an agricultural colony for new converts and grown-up orphans. In 1942 it was at made a separate parish. The present church was constructed in 1958 by Rev. Fr. E. Fernandes.

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